Now Have A Look At The Premium Software We Want You To Have!

Software #1 - PLR Manager

Your customers can keep track of all their plr products information, easily and quickly. Videos, Ebooks, Audios, Graphics, Articles, and Software. Product photo, notes, name, category, subcategory, license type, plus one-click access to view the license. Product release date, date purchased, purchase price, receipt, PayPal Transaction ID, Marketplace Purchase ID. Product location on their hard drive, plus one-click access to a sample file that will display as soon as they click - a video from a video package, ebook pdf, photo, etc.., Everything they need to know about their plr products and purchase with One Click. One-click to the site where they purchased the product. One-click to the file location online. One-click access to the seller support page, One-click to send the seller a message to their email. One-click to display the printed receipt file. And advanced categorization for easy navigation, plus they can connect one product in a package to another product in the same package. This is useful for keeping ebooks and videos distinct, but being able to see when they are in the same package.

Software #2 - Recipes Software

A Recipes Manager That Can Be Used To Promote Anything Where Food Is Part Of The Niche. You Can Even Include Your Own Recipes In The Software For Your Customers.

Software #3 - Property Flip Software

The Property Flipping Niche Is Really Huge. With People Still Reluctantly Using Excel Spreadsheets, You've Got A Crazy Money Making Opportunity With This One.

Software #4 - Automotive Software

An Incredibly Useful Software Program for Automotive Dealers, Auto Maintenance Service Providers, and Even For People Who Sell Vehicles On Craigslist!

Software #5 - Website Manager

Pretty Much Anyone Doing Anything Online Who Owns Websites or Blogs Can Use This One. Just Like With the PLR Manager, People Need Something to Help Themselves Stay Organized!

Software #6 - Offline Marketing Manager Software

Every Single Offline Marketer Can Use This, and You Won't Have Any Problem Finding People Who Will Want It. Use the Internal Browser to Promote Your Services or Products to a Hungry Audience, and Provide the Software As An Upsell or Bonus!

Software #7 - Affiliate Marketing Manager

For Affiliates Who Need to Keep Track of Their Promotions and Commissions, This Is a GREAT Software Application for Doing That. Brand It. Sell It. Give It Away As A Bonus. You Can't Lose.

Software #8 - Property Manager

For Anyone Who Rents Any Kind of Property - Homes, Apartments, Land - This Is a Much Needed Software Application For A Massive Market!

Here's What You'll Be Able To Do With The Software Applications

Fully Brand each of the Software. It's YOUR software. You Brand It, You Own It. Zero Restrictions. Provide customers and potential customers with software they'll own and love to use. They'll thank you for it and want to buy more stuff from you. Make money. Not only by selling the software (unless you choose to give it away), but by promoting products inside the software browser home page. Simply point the browser link (easy to do) to any responsive WordPress page or HTML page you want. Brand the software with your own icon and opening splash screen. No better location to be than on your user's desktop, and you'll own that space. Not only that, but we provide you hundreds of ready-to-use icons and splash screens, so you don't have to worry about it. Easily and Fully brand the software. It will take you 10 minutes tops to fully brand any of the software, and your customers won't see a hint of the Product Presto brand anywhere. Provide Updates. Your software users are going to love how the software updates work. They won't have to manually uninstall the previous version, and they won't lose any of their personal data they already have in the software. Pre-load the software with content. Although you should be careful not to load too much content inside the software so you can keep the file size of the installation down, this is a great way to give your customers content you want them to have. Choose from any of 31 software designs. Easy peasy. Just click one button, make your choice, and voila'! It's that easy to match up your design to your offer, niche or type of customer. Change just about anything you want. Not only can you change the overall design, browser page, icon and splash screen, but you can change (if you want) the sidebar navigation icons, labels, and titles. We show you how.

Step by Step Tutorial Videos and A Comprehensive User Guide Make Branding Your Software A Walk in the Park.

How many computers can I run the brander on?

Run it on as many as you like. Give a copy to one or more Virtual Assistants too if you want. Just don't mass distribute the brander. Don't sell it and don't offer it as a freebie for optins or on sharing sites.

How many times can I brand the software?

As many times as you want. Make different versions, multiple versions, whenever and however many times you choose.

Can I give away the software I brand?

It's your software, so of course you can.

Is this newbie friendly?

Yes, our step-by-step tutorial make it easy for anyone to brand and create any of the 8 software. You'll have no problem at all.

How do I contact Support?

Contact support by email

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Built With Launchaco